An active network promoting practical sharing, learning and possible solutions

At the core of our work are the building, maintenance and development of an ever expanding network of people across Europe who are all working to close institutions and promote independent living for all.  This network is about sharing practical knowledge, examples and bringing people together to share and learn together.

An on-going programme of webinars sharing work from across Europe and internationally

Anyone is welcome to contact us and subscribe to our mailing list.  We are intending to hold one webinar each month; these webinars are all aimed at sharing practical examples of work that has delivered independent living for people and supported people to move out of institutions.

A regular monthly newsletter

Information and recordings of the webinar, along with as much additional information as we can collate will be shared in a monthly newsletter, which will follow the webinar.  People are encouraged to share this source of information as widely as they can.

Developing an offer of support

In the first half of 2018, we will aim to bring together a team of people, tasked with developing an offer of support to organisations and governments. Our aim is to support them to move positively forward with deinstitutionalisation and promoting independent living for all.

A website full of resources, useful information and good contacts

As we move forward, we will start to collect work that has delivered on a small and national scale deinstitutionalisation. Most successes all seem to start with small pieces of work and a great group of people; there will be useful learning for everyone from these examples of success.  We will make sure that we share any useful links people send to us through our newsletter.