‘Learning from What Works’ Webinar Report (26 January 2018)

ENIL-ECCL held its first in a series of webinars on the 26th January 2018, with 20 people attending. The aim of the webinar was to help us all think about what works, so that we can think about taking steps in our own countries or in our organisations to begin real work to close institutions.  We heard from two presenters:

Miroslav Cangar, Slovakia
Miro’s presentation was about the basic facts and information on deinstitutionalisation in Slovakia and what positive work they have done. He also presented an example of partial deinstitutionalisation of a social care home in Slatinka, and their way of making deinstitutionalisation happen with limited funding and resources. At the end of his presentation, Miro shared links to two movies about people who lived in the social care home in Slatinka and who moved from institution to community.

John Dalrymple, Scotland
John shared some de-institutionalisation lessons learned from the programme to close “long-stay learning disability hospitals” in Scotland, 1995-2005.  His perspective was drawn from the experience of working first as a local authority commissioner and later as a support service provider.

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We wish to thank everyone who took part in our first webinar and apologise for the technical difficulties. We will aim to smooth these out as we continue with our webinar series. We would appreciate your feedback – be it good or bad – so that we can make sure the future webinars best fit your needs.

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Listen to the webinar again

In case you have missed the webinar, or would like to listen to it again, please click here to access the webinar recording. (Once you have entered your details, the webinar recording will appear on your screen.) To download the slides, please click here.

Should you have any questions or if you wish to contact one of the presenters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either Nic Crosby or Ines Bulic.

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